Membership dues are collected from July 1 st thru July 31 st . Any membership not fully paid by July 31 of fiscal year will exempt applicants from Krewe Status. I fully understand that there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. I, the undersigned, agree and do hereby release THE KREWE OF PRISCUS their representatives, officers, and volunteers from any liability for the injury or harm to myself which may occur as a result of my participation in their Mardi Gras Parades or Krewe events. I have been informed of all necessary safety precautions and have been advised that there can be no guarantee that my participation in the parades or Krewe events is entirely risk free. I, there-fore, agree to assume the risk of any injury which may occur to myself. I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to ask questions concerning safety precautions to be taken during the parades or events and that these questions have been answered to my satisfaction. Wherefore, said member of THE KREWE OF PRISCUS hereby agrees that it has been explained to him/her all rules and regulations governing behavior and hereby agree to follow these rules and regulations. In consideration of approval as a member I assume all risks associated with participation in the parades and associated activities and agree to release THE KREWE OF PRISCUS its directors and members from any and all damages or losses sustained by myself as a result of my participation in the parades and related activities. I have read this document, or it has been read and explained to me and I understand fully and completely all of the terms and provisions thereof.